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INCHY PINCHY is a single use butterfly disguise, used in hospitals and other medical facilities to avoid the phobia of injections, which many children and adults have.

This fear leads to unwanted results, such as:

• Avoiding going to hospitals or clinics in general, which delays the treatment.

• Shedding precious tears of our beloved sons and daughters.

• Prolonging the time spent in clinic.

• Repeating the insertion’s attempts, due to false ones.

• Suffering from bad experiences. 

• Leading to a viscous circle…

After many experiments, studies and trials, a leader Australian company invented the perfect solution to avert all this drama. INCHY PINCHY doesn’t work only on the visual concept; it has also a very strong psychological effect. With its funny stickers, INCHYPINCHY will change those tearful times into joyful and laughing moments.

Doctors and nurses can see and act freely while the little patient is not being able to see the needle. In other words: relaxed atmosphere without stress. Any fear related to medical procedures involving injections or needles is gone. They all will love it.